Impact Advanced Process Control

Process optimisation with measurable benefits

Advanced process control has been a strong focus of Improve IO since the companies’ founding days. It formed such an integral part of our companies founding vision that it was one of the first products that we began development on. Having a multitude of APC or expert systems available from outside of Australia, Improve IO undertook to create a package that is focused on mineral processing for the Australian Mining industry that is developed and supported within Australia.

The system is fast, flexible and modern, incorporating the ability to apply modern control strategies including machine learning, multi-variable control and enhanced signal processing. Working with your metallurgical team we develop and implement strategies to maximise your plants throughput and recoveries. With the added benefits of increasing circuit stability, lowering reagent costs and decreasing equipment maintenance, the system has proven to have an extremely high ROI.

Impact APC adds extra intelligence to standard control systems by aligning isolated control loops in the plant to work in synergy and produce the best results. 

Maximise Productivity

Maximise Performance

Maximise Profitability

Impact APC has a track record of improving the performance of grinding and flotation circuits in existing brownfield operations, where we have resolved common and unique problems, and in new greenfield projects, where we have achieved positive outcomes at an early stage.

Impact Advanced Process Control extracts the maximum value from your operations
by reducing conflicting process objectives.

Best in Class Approach

Our process experts apply best-in-class principles and processes to help improve operational effectiveness.  We work as an extension of your team by sharing our combined knowledge to tackle occurring variances, constraints and bottleneck of your process.  Our metallurgical strategies can adapt quickly to changing processed ore, and can be implemented instantaneously, enabling efficient trials of different strategies.

Grinding Circuit Control

Impact Advanced Process Control boosts SAG mill efficiency and performance through real-time monitoring, optimisation of key parameters (e.g. mill load, power, feed rate) and correction of process deviations. These improvements positively impact overall plant performance with increased production and recoveries.

Flotation Control

Flotation Control utilises Impact’s advanced techniques to analyse the flotation cells as a whole. By modelling the connections between the cells, it makes elevated mass pull decisions to enhance stability and improve recovery.

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