Flashback Historian

Leveraging Data Insights to Increase Operational Visibility

Flashback Historian­­ software captures and stores historical operational process data in a flash.  It is designed for all industrial applications and readily increases the visibility of your operations. Flashback is a reliable single point of truth, consolidating processing and other related data. With its ease of use it automates and streamlines everyday tasks. 

Flashback aids in identifying hidden opportunities to unlock further value through instant reporting and live data analytics.  Management workload is reduced with real-time performance monitoring, overall equipment efficiency and automated system health alerts.

IT Team

As the distinction between IT and OT blurs, we strive to keep all stakeholders informed about the data management systems being introduced by fostering collaboration with Information Technology teams.

Secure Virtual Private Servers

Our team can assist you in hosting your own web-based historian, preserving independence and control over your data.  Plants can regain control and privacy of their data by hosting systems on virtual servers owned by the client’s organisation instead of third party. Improve IO offers cyber security solutions to protect your data and servers from potential threats.

Customised Interfaces

Improve IO empowers clients by offering fully customised platforms with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Comprehensive training and documentation is provided for all user interfaces.


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